“Michelle is remarkably perceptive, in part because she is a careful listener. She has tremendous resources, which she uses to meet the needs of the individual. Her patient and carefully paced approach to the entire admission process reduces anxiety for both the student and the parent. She is thorough, while making the process an exploration and an adventure instead of an overwhelming ordeal.”

Hillary G., Westlake Village, CA

"Without Michelle Koetke, my daughters would be like so many of their friends -- good students who received no guidance and made under-informed, uninspired college choices. Even a high school teacher like me does not have the expertise to investigate thousands of colleges. Because of Michelle's thorough personal search process, both of my daughters are thrilled to be attending universities they love and both are enjoying unusual academic opportunities we would never have known about perusing a catalog on our own. Working with Michelle was the best investment we could have made in Hilary and Savanna's futures."

Leslie C., Santa Paula, CA

“Hiring Michelle kept my family sane during the entire college application process. Choosing a college is a very important decision, and having Michelle by our side reassured us that everything would work out well. Michelle spent many hours researching colleges she felt would be a good match for my three very different daughters. She was always available for guidance and responsive to their many inquiries. She kept all three girls focused on the process and advised them in steps so they weren't overwhelmed with the intricacies. Her calm manner kept the girls relaxed, and she gently coaxed them with timely reminders when they were needed. I hired Michelle because I felt that my daughters had worked very hard in school and deserved the best advice possible so that they could find the best school for them - it was a good decision. Additionally, Michelle removed most of the pressure from me so I could enjoy the remaining time with the girls before they went off to college and for that I am forever grateful.”

Robin R., Calabasas, CA

“Coming from Europe, we were unfamiliar with American colleges and their admission procedures. Michelle Koetke was invaluable in her clear direction on testing, interviews and in finding programs for students with learning differences. As my business takes me back and forth frequently, her program recommendations and scheduling of college visits enabled us to concentrate on the right colleges for my son, saving us a great deal of time. She is a patient guide who does not stop working until all matters are settled—she even helped with course selection for the first semester of college. This is not simply a business for Michelle; she cares about her clients.”

Thomas G. Malibu, CA

“When I started working with Michelle the summer after my junior year, I had a list of 10 schools to which I wanted to apply. By the time applications were sent in, only about three of those 10 schools were still on my list. Michelle introduced me to schools I never knew existed, and left no questions unasked. She cared for my personal needs during the entire process. She does an excellent job at tailoring her expertise to fit the needs of every individual client. No student will leave her house without the right college.”

Eric P., Camarillo, CA

“Even though Eric is my fifth and youngest child, I had never been through the college admissions process. My older children attended community colleges and then transferred or went into the labor force after graduating high school. It was a real eye opener and left me with an overwhelming sense of "where do we start?" Michelle worked with Eric in finding the right colleges that would appeal to him and guided me in the step by step process of the myriad paperwork involved for the parent. She was a tremendous help and we both know we could not have done it without her expertise.”

Jeanne P., Camarillo, CA

“There is a dizzying amount of college information one can find in books and brochures and on line... and no really good way to assess all that advice without jeopardizing not only your child's sanity but your own. What we wanted was a counselor who understood our daughter not just on paper but in person. Anyone can come up with lists of schools that look good, but Michelle is most interested in schools that are the right fit. She has steered us towards gems that we might otherwise never have known, and she has also been invaluable in helping us pinpoint those things our daughter wants and needs most, and where to find the right balance. College applications have become such a daunting and high-pressured process; in our house, both parents and student alike are grateful to have the step-by-step guidance of someone as encouraging, as knowledgeable and as disciplined as Michelle.”

-Ann M., Westlake Village, CA

“My daughter applied for Early Decision to Vanderbilt and was accepted (School of Education). I truly appreciate Michelle’s suggested college lists. We made good use of them! She is far more objective than the local "expert" that "everyone" uses. We are grateful for her help.”

Nancy S., Calabasas, CA

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