Fee Schedule:

The average private college will cost $100,000 over four years. A State University B.A. will run roughly $60,000. Taking the time to find a good counselor is as sensible as consulting a financial planner or an accountant. For the time involved, college counseling is a bargain and costs far less than for a broker, who is trying to sell you something. The investment made is crucial to potential career options.

Whatever your family decides, please get solid advice from a qualified advisor, who is not bent on promoting a particular college This may be the most important advice you get, and I give it to you gratis.

Launch Package: includes career, personality testing, major/career targeting, college search report and family meeting. Families who are willing to do a great deal of follow up and application work choose this package. Fee: $750.

Junior/Senior Package: includes the Launch Package plus: follow up, inquiry letters, internship search, essay advice and editing, mock interview, application help, a family meeting on multiple acceptances. This is the most popular package as you have support throughout the application process. Fee: $1750.

Freshman to Graduation Package: includes all of the above plus guidance on high school tracking/course selection, summer programs to build a solid resume. This package is most appropriate for students whose school-based counselors are just not getting to your student early enough. It is ideal for those who know early on that they are seeking a pre-professional college program at a highly competitive university. Fee: $2750.

Custom Packages: these include the Junior/Senior Package plus additional searches, coordination of college visits and interviews, trip planning, and direct contact with colleges. My clients from out of the country or want a specific LD search or perhaps a sports search opt for this package. Here I do all of the above and more as the student requires. Fee: to be determined.

Distance Package: With phone, Fed Ex, and Fax, I can do a great deal for clients who are unable to come to me in person. I can adapt the above packages or work for an hourly rate of $100.

Non-Traditional Student Package: this is designed to meet the needs of adults who are returning to college or changing careers. I can locate the correct program for adults seeking distance learning or contract degree programs. Often career and personality testing helps these clients. Fee: to be determined.

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